"Chris is a sensitive DOP who can work well in challenging situations. I've worked on shoots with him in hot, hectic slums in India, and in busy hospitals in the UK and Tanzania where he has always been able to take a calm and professional approach to the situation.

His cinematic style is beautiful and he is able to capture intimate moments and situations as they happen without being intrusive. He works hard and wants to do the best job possible, which is seen through to the edit suite where he can work quickly to pull together great sequences and films"

Catherine Feltham - Film Producer, WaterAid UK

Kit List - Camera

  • Canon C300 Mark II - 4K EF Mount Super 35mm Video Camera with 15 stops of dynamic range
  • SIgma ART & Canon L Series lenses


  • 1 x Kino-Flo Celeb 200
  • 2 x Quaser Crossfade Linear Lamps
  • 3 x 150W Dedo-light DLH4's


  • DJI Ronin MX 3-axis Gimbal
  • DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone
  • Rhino Motorised Slider + Arc Motion
  • Radio & Directional mic kits
  • Tripod, Cards and Batteries capable for filming up to several days without power